Yes. so as a gift last weekend. fastest 07 CS2 cammed titan 13.2 @ 103.6 on the stock trans. Any insight if 8-lug Chevrolet rims will fit on 8 - lug dodge applications. Los Angeles, CA. Thanks for the feedback . Wade 03 Chevy S10 Blazer 2 door 2wd Cherry Red Metallic, 3/3 Belltech drop, 18" Ridler 695 18x8 wheels with Pirelli 235/50/18 tires, SS mirrors, Bravada front clip, 6000K low/4300K high HIDs, smokey red tails, Spectre cold air intake, Hypertech programmer, Cherry Bomb turbo w/turndown, Envoy door panels and handles 02 Camaro SS SLP 345HP Black 6 speed T tops backspacing so they stick out a little more than stock Chevy rims. Thread Starter #10 nepagearjammer;1169234 said: ford and dodge factory 8-lug rims will fit on chevy...chevy won't fit on ford. $1,560.00. The late model wheels are hubcentric, the wheels center hole fit tight against the hub, and flarenuts simple hold the wheel tight against the hub. -Anthony :Handshake: 1999 RCSB, 4.8, All Billet 4L60E, Servo, Shift Kit, 2K Stall, Catless, 3 Link SAS, Dana 44HD Front, Dana 60 Rear, 12'' King Double Rate Coilovers 350/300, 16x10 Simulated Steelies, 35'' MT ATZ's, NP 241 Swap, SYE'd Thats why I have to use thin sockets on my rear wheels. Chevy rims will not fit on a ford. S. Stan Senior Member. For more information, check out the Mustang Wheel Page. Details about 20x10 TIS 544C Chrome Rims Wheels Fit Lifted 6 lug Chevy GMC Ford F150. Most all mid size chevy cars has a 4.75" bolt pattern, most all mid size fords has a 4.5" pattern . I want to put newer mustang rims on it (16 "). 1 decade ago. Also, be sure and check the size of the hole in the center of the wheels. Ranger Rims: Here is a list of rims offered on the Ford Ranger from 1988-2007. Quick Question - Considering a set of 8 Lug Chevy Rims for my 2003 Ram 2500. ford and dodge factory 8-lug rims will fit on chevy...chevy won't fit on ford. Jckdnls, Jan 18, 2018 #14. Do certain year Ford/Chevy/dodge rims fit? Many Ford Ranger owners have swapped the wheels from a Ford Mustang on their Rangers. The bolt pattern for a 2010 Ford Focus is 4 by 108, with a high offset, a 12 by 1.5 lug and a hub rating of 63.4. Truck 20 inch rims 6 lug Universal will fit Chevy and Ford missing 2 caps 1 tire is no good. Be the first to write a review. Jul 19, 2013 - These are unilug and will fit Ford, Mopar and Chevy with either 5 x 4.5" and 5 x 4.75" bolt patrerns. Compatibility: See compatible vehicles. Ford Focus. Location Long Island. Re: Chevy s10 rims fit a jeep? Ford explorers also will swap. SHOPPING The Fitness Zone And Will 6 Lug Ford Rims Fit Chevy The Fitness Zone And Will 6 Lug Ford Rims Fit Chevy Reviews : You finding where to buy The Fitness We had a set of cragger SS wheels that we put on an S10, camaro, toyota pickup, monte carlo, ford ranger and once used as a spare on a datsun/nissan 300zx tranny upgrade and stall upgrade in but havent taken it to the track lol. The factory offset is 12mm and I have a 25mm offset rim on it with 265/70r16 tires currently. 1 lot available (4 items per lot) Chevy rims will not fit on a Ford. The rims I put on have a diff. Wpuld have to dig through my old photo apbums to find a picture of it but looked cool. YES, as long as the Ford is a pre-97 Superduty. The way they work, is that the hole for the stud is oblong. The 99 and up super duty wheels will not fit any way you cut it without adapters to go from your 8x6.5" pattern to the newer ford metric 8x170mm pattern. Free shipping . I know back in the 80's American Racing (then ARE) took the Saleen clones and rewelded the holes and drilled them out. The backspace is 4.25". New to the dually rims with spacers, etc. I want to put newer mustang rims on it (16 "). New (never used), 6 Lug Universal Bolt pattern will Fit Ford F150 , Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra , Toyota Tacoma / 4Runner , Nissan Titan , And 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 Wheels and tires do come with warranty! I've looked and searched and haven't found a definitive answer/list of interchangability. OP . Will the new mustang rims fit a 2000 ford explorer?I have a 2000 ford explorer Eddie Bauer v8 AWD. 20x12 TIS 544BM Black Milled Rims Wheels Fit 6 lug Chevy GMC Ford F150. Since they are 5 lug rims, obviously, they will only fit … 20 inch 20x10 TIS 544BM Gloss Black Milled wheel rim 6x5.5 6x139.7 … "universal rims" or, more accurately, "UNILUG" rims are Rims that have elongated lug openings and a large "hub" opening to accomodate many different lug patterns, be it Ford, Dodge, or Chevy. The rings just tap in place over the hub. 5 Answers. Chevy 1500's, 4x4-pretty much all years, 2x4's were 5 lug up to about year model 98-99, then switched to 6. all chevy rims 99 -2011 fit our titans you mught run into clearance issues with the calipers rubbing inside 16 inch gm wheels though. Will 2000 1TON GMC dually rims safely fit? Suburban's, Tahoe's<<